Importance of Critical Thinking to be a Creative Leader

My thought on critical thinking has not changed much from the first week of this course. I still believe stronger that play can build critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is an essential for research. It is essential for evaluating and understanding the implications of research. Critical thinking involves a continual questioning of the assumptions and is a way of evaluating a subject. It helps people solve problems by generating a good number of well-rounded ideas and critically deciding if they work or not. By using critical thinking skills to raise important questions about problems and state them as clear and precise as possible, you can gather and evaluate relevant information related to a topic as well as come to a well-reasoned conclusion about what it is. I have to use my critical thinking skills while I am conducting on-line research and it has helped me filter through web pages and figure out which ones contain actual, fact-based information and what are just filled with conjecture or made up stories that aren’t true.

Critical thinking is a must for all today’s leaders. To thrive in this turbulent world, Dr. Kalam argued that corporations as well as nations desperately needs creative leaders, who are a new breed of visionary and empathetic leaders who act less as commanders and more as coaches, less as managers and more as facilitators, and who foster self-respect rather that demanding respect. The leader must have the passion to transform vision into action, must be able to travel into an unexplored path and must know how to manage both success and failure. The leader must have the courage to make decisions and should have nobility in management. Every action of the leader should be transparent and must work with integrity and succeed with integrity (Radjou, July, 2009).


Radjou, N. (July, 2009). Why are creative leaders so rare. HBR Blog Network.


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