My Decision Making Thought Process

I totally agree with Gladwell (2005) that the quantity of information can have a profound effect on decision making. When we are immersed in too much information, we can sometimes miss the big picture or we can get deviated from the original problem. Like I said in my first blog in first week of this course, improvisation helps to increase leadership, collaboration, creativity, risk taking and intuition which are all essential qualities for leaders. Too much thinking can easily obstruct intuition, as can interfering thoughts, low-esteem and judgmental opinions.

Most of the decisions I make at work are evidence-based decisions, which requires me to compare two or more options. Research-based evidence may exist which measures how likely the outcomes are for each option. Understanding these numeric estimates improves risk perception and leads to better informed decision making. Since our life has become more dynamic and less structured, intuition gains more and more recognition as an essential decision making tool. Intuition can make you a much more effective decision maker, especially when you deal with non-standard situations or in expedient decision making. Decision making situations where intuitive approach helps me most in my job is when the circumstances leave me no time to go through complete rational analysis and a rapid response is needed. Intuitive approach also helps me when I have to deal with ambiguous, incomplete, or conflicting information.


Gladwell, M. (2005). Paul Van Riper’s big victory: Creating structure for spontaneity. In Blink: The power of thinking without thinking (pp. 136-141). New York City, NY: Little, Brown and Company.


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