My experience with unimaginable source

I couldn’t be more grateful that it did watch this video part of OL615. Sometimes you’re drawn to exactly what your heart needs to hear. And this is exactly what my heart needed. It is tough week for me. I had hard time juggling between family, work, school work and social commitments. When I get really psyched out, I said to myself don’t be afraid, just do your job. I continued to show up to my piece of it. “Ole!” to me for having the sheer human love and stubbornness to keep showing up Gilbert (February, 2009).

As Gilbert (February, 2009) states that she had work or ideas come through her from a source that she honestly cannot identify. I had similar experiences where this unseen source ‘my angel’ saved mine, my kids and my husband’s life numerous times. It stopped me from making bigger mistakes in life and whenever I realize that I was saved or my family was saved again, I just look up and say thank you. When I am trying to think of how to code based on the requirements of the user/customer, there were lot occasions when it took me couple of day and sometimes week, for idea to come to me. When I think back on how I got that idea and I always felt like a loan to me from unimaginable source. It was hard to believe, in the first place, that this most extraordinary idea came from me.


Gilbert, E. (February, 2009) TedTalk: Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius.


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