Culture of Courage

Franklin D. Roosevelt cautioned Americans with these words “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” during the 1932 presidential election because he knew the power of fear to bring down an economy, to cripple a nation and to stifle the ingenuity needed to create better solutions in turbulent times. Creativity requires courage and in today’s competitive, accelerated and uncertain marketplace, creating a culture of courage that encourages employees to rise above their fears is vital to creating and sustaining competitive advantage Warrell (2014, March).

What surprised me most this week is the improve game. In this game by saying one word, they formed sentences and then a story and in this game listening is essential, as it is impossible to predict what the other person will say. Together, the players are creating something new that previously did not exist. We were working collaboratively and no one is trying to win, as the game’s point is to allow a new story creation to emerge from their collaborative effort Mohr (2011).

Words I think best describes creativity or a creative person are:



Open minded


High energy levels

Risk taking





Mohr, J. (2011). Improvising transformation: Leadership lessons from improvisational theater. In J. D. Barbour & G. R. Hickman (Eds.), Leadership for transformation (pp. 53-64). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Warrell, M. (2014, March). Great Leaders Build A Culture of Courage In A Climate Of Fear. Retrieved from


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