My thinking style

Divergent, emergent and convergent thinking is needed in all my day-to-day work activities to be successful and efficient. Critical thinking is the process of analyzing information with our mind, as opposed to memorizing facts. Play can build critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is an essential for research. It is essential for evaluating and understanding the implications of research. Critical thinking involves a continual questioning of the assumptions.

Improvisation helps to increase leadership, collaboration, creativity, risk taking and intuition which are all essential qualities for leaders. Too much thinking can easily obstruct intuition, as can interfering thoughts, low-esteem and judgmental opinions. An open and highly receptive mind is the starting point for creative exploration. Improvisation is to think and act out of the box, to step out of their comfort zone. Improvisation has many appealing aspects, the unknown outcome, endless possibilities, opportunity to create in the moment. To be able to use one’s creative mind at any given moment helps us to express ourselves. Improvisation teaches innovation, positive communication, and as the leader, becoming the facilitator for a more joyful, productive workplace. Positive interactions promote deep learning, skill building.


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